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Classic Car Accessories, established in 1999. We sell classic and vintage car parts, including chrome door & wing mirrors, lights, horns, switches, badge bars & badges, washers and wipers. We deliver worldwide at very reasonable shipping rates (see “About us”). Delivery to the UK is free.


Chrome big bore exhaust trim.

Chrome big bore exhaust trim.

63mm diameter x 180mm long exhaust trim (60mm internal diameter). Chrome on steel. Will fit over exhaust pipes 20mm to 50mm (2"). There are two sets of 3 holes, 5.4mm Ø in which 5mm bolts with nuts placed on the inside can be used to clamp the trim to the exhaust pipe. Alternatively, self tapping 12 gauge screws could be used with Spire speed nuts. PLEASE NOTE that the very low price reflects the fact that these trims are "SECONDS" and need cleaning up and that fixing screws are not included.

Price incl.VAT 2.99 [3.35]

Ref: CXE13

Chrome exhaust trim.

Chrome exhaust trim.

Chrome on steel exhaust trims. Will fit over exhaust pipes 38mm (1½" to 53mm (21/8"). A clamp screw holds the trim securely on to the end of the exhaust pipe.Just 1 of each of these trims are available:

I - 47mm Ø x150mm straight | J - 53mm Ø x 150mm straight

K - 57mm Ø x 150mm straight | G - 43mm Ø x 250mm straight

Price incl.VAT 4.75 [5.32]

Ref: CXE131

  • J - 53mm x 150mm Straight (1 in stck)   
  • K - 57mm x 150mm Straight (1 in stck)   

Chrome fishtail exhaust trim

Chrome fishtail exhaust trim

A faithful reproduction of the chrome-on-steel exhaust trim that was so popular in the UK in the 60's and 70's. Approximately 180mm x 120mm at the widest, it will fit exhaust pipes up to 40mm diameter. Complete with stainless steel worm drive clamp.

Price incl.VAT 12.50 [14.00]

Ref: CXE141

Exhaust strap hanger

Exhaust strap hanger

Universal exhaust hanger. With 8 x 10mm bolt holes it can accommodate a drop of between 20mm (8") and 75mm (3"), and exhaust pipes of 35mm (1½") to 50mm (2")

Price incl.VAT 4.99 [5.59]

Ref: CXE15

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