Electrical connector strips with 12 connectors

Electrical connector strips with 12 connectors - CLS1047

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A useful addition to any toolkit! Ideal for connecting low voltage (12 & 24volts) as well as 240 volt AC household voltage. Can also be used to connect thin rods or flexible wire as for example lengthening a choke cable or bonnet release. The 5A connector has an internal diameter of 3mm, the 15A 4mm internal Ø and the 30A 5.5mm internal Ø. For extra tensile (pulling) strength pass through completely from both ends and clamp securely with both screws. Each strip contains 12 connectors.

5A strip of 12 connectors - £0.40

15A strip of 12 connectors - £0.60

30A strip of 12 connectors - £0.99

1 each of 5A,15A & 30A - £1.90

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